Rock County

Luverne 6103

County: rock


Luverne is a city in Rock County, Minnesota, United States, along the Rock River. The population was 4,745 at the 2010 census.[5] It is the county seat.[6] It is one of four towns profiled in the 2007 Ken Burns documentary The War.

Residential Advantages,   Inc. 

Luverne, MN



Description of Home:

Type   of Facility: ICF/MR Class B   Facility

Openings   at this time: 1 out of 6 beds

Male/Female: either

Staff/Individual   Supervision:

Day hours: 2-3:6

Night   hours: 1:6(awake overnight)

Current Individuals, Interests, etc:

Comments:   The house is a duplex and is divided   into two units. Each unit includes a living room, dining room, kitchen,   bathroom and three bedrooms. The house is handicapped accessible. There is a   beautiful patio and garden behind the house with a fenced in backyard. It is   in walking distance to downtown Luverne and the city park. The upstairs at   this home was recently remodeled. The home has a whirlpool bath with lift. A   van is provided that has a lift. Currently there is one female and four males   that reside at this home. The individuals work at Rock County Opportunity   during the day. The individuals enjoy going for walks, playing games, going   for van rides, gardening, shopping, out for meals and movies. Staff are   trained in vulnerable adult, medication administration, CPR, first aid, Hoyer   lift, liquid thickener use, dietary needs, passive range of motion, personal  hygiene and working with persons with mental retardation, Alzheimers, seizure   protocols and schizophrenia.

Contact Information:

Devin Nelson 507-233-4400

Team   Lead:  Adria Sherwood